Discovery Vitality

Know your health, Improve your health, Enjoy Rewards

Discovery Vitality is a science-based wellness programme that underpins each of the Discovery businesses and is an international brand in its own right. Through Vitality we encourage healthy behaviour that reduces long-term healthcare costs by rewarding members for improving their health.

The Sports Science Institute of South Africa accredits the programme and more than 1,3 million people currently belong to Vitality. Vitality is available to Discovery Life and Discovery Health members, clients of PruHealth and PruProtect and in the USA, is sold to large corporates and health insurers as a stand-alone wellness offering.

In 2008, Vitality launched the Vitality Schools Programme to 1 000 public and private schools in South Africa. It is a practical, lesson-based plan with deliverables aimed at stemming unhealthy behaviour and encouraging healthy lifestyles. It is aligned to the National Curriculum Statement for learners. For 2009, we also launched the HealthyFood benefit in partnership with Pick n Pay. This benefit saves members money on a wide range of healthy foods they buy at Pick n Pay. The benefit includes foods that are good for members’ health as it prevents and fights chronic disease.

Vitality’s value offering is further enhanced by the DiscoveryCard that gives members real cash back.



What is Vitalitydrive?

Vitalitydrive: the better you drive, the higher your status, the greater your rewards

Vitalitydrive rewards you for driving safely!

Vitalitydrive is Discovery Insure’s incentive-based driving safety programme that gives you great rewards based on how well you drive and the steps you take to look after your vehicle’s safety.

Vitalitydrive uses DQ-Track, the latest vehicle telematics technology, to develop a scientific measure of your driver behaviour, called your Driver Quotient (or “DQ”).

You earn DQ Points based on how well you drive, for making sure your vehicle is in a safe condition and for learning about safe driving behaviour.  The more DQ Points you earn, the higher your Vitalitydrive status and the greater your rewards.

Request a quote, or speak to your financial adviser to activate Vitalitydrive

What are the benefits of Vitalitydrive?

Get up to 50% cash back in BP fuel rewards and other great benefits for driving well

  • You can earn up to 50% cash back in fuel rewards when you fill up at BP service stations countrywide
  • Save 10% at Tiger Wheel & Tyre when you spend a maximum of R5 000 per transaction and up to R10 000 per month.
  • State-of-the-art vehicle and passenger safety features to make sure you and your family are protected on the road.

Start reaping the rewards of Vitalitydrive in 4 easy steps

  1. Join Vitalitydrive:  You need to be a member of Discovery Insure to join Vitalitydrive.
  2. Install a DQ-Track unit: SmartService will contact you to arrange installation of the device at no extra cost.
  3. Start earning DQ Points by driving safely, making sure your vehicle is roadworthy and doing online driving safety assesments.
  4. Enjoy the rewards! To get fuel rewards swipe your Vitalitydrive card at any stage when filling up at BP.

You can download information about Vitalitydrive here