Discovery Invest

We launched Discovery Invest in 2007 to offer consumers unique and comprehensive product range that addresses the current gaps in the market by offering greater protection against poor investment choices.

With Discovery Invest we combine the breadth and skill of the asset management industry with the existing research and development capabilities of Discovery Life.

In the short space of time that Discovery Invest has been launched, over 1 000 intermediaries have written business with Discovery Invest and by June 2008, we managed more than R1 billion worth of assets.



Why choose Discovery Invest

At the core of all our solutions is a passion for providing the opportunities for you to build a strong financial base and a commitment to help you achieve your goals. We want to make the most of your money, whatever amount you have to invest, by offering you more certainty, more value and more flexibility

Discovery Invest

Discovery Invest offers a dynamically protected and innovative product range which allows you the flexibility to build a diversified portfolio.
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 More certainty

  • The Discovery Escalator Funds provide unlimited upside potential while offering downside protection and a lock-in of gains.
  • The RightChoice Investment provide a unique solution to protect you from the risk of underperformance associated with making the wrong investment decision. Discovery’s Guaranteed Growth Plans continually provide the highest guaranteed return levels in the market.

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 More value

  • By integrating your Discovery LIFE PLAN with your Discovery Endowment Plan you can qualify for a host of benefits including:
    • A discount of up to a 100% on all fees levied on your investment or
    • An immediate upfront boost of up to 26% to your investment
    • A boost of around 30% to your annual retirement income
  • Discovery Invest’s comprehensive fund range includes several unique funds which enable you to diversify your investments outside of traditional asset classes. Unique funds include:
    • The Balanced Currency Harvest Fund
    • The Discovery Diversified Commodity Fund
  • The Target Retirement Date Funds provide a single fund solution to saving for retirement. Professional asset managers manage the fund to optimise returns to your specified retirement date.
  • Invest InteractiveTM provides you with a range of online state-of-the-art analysis tools helping you to make informed investment decisions
  • The Fee Payback on recurring contribution policies rewards investors for focusing on the longer-term by refunding 55% of all Discovery’s administration fees at the end of 10 years and every five years thereafter. All growth that would have accrued on these refunds is also paid back to investors.
  • The Dynamic Asset Optimiser allows you to select your own choice of individual unit trusts and rebalances them over time to maintain your desired risk profile while optimising returns.

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 More flexibility

  • Whether you want to save a set amount, take an income, have tax efficient access to your capital or have a guarantee, Discovery Invest has a wide range of flexible investment products to help you achieve your goals.