Discovery Insure

Discovery Insure is more than a broad range of short-term insurance; it’s all about driving intelligence and earning rewards for driving well. Through our innovative tools and services, members can measure how well they drive, protect themselves and their family on the road, and stay mobile after an accident.



Why Discovery Insure?

Our vision is to make South Africa's roads safer. Using the latest technology and enhanced safety features we're committed to helping you improve your driving. Choose from our range of plans with structured flexibility and tailor your car, household contents, portable possessions and/or building cover to meet all your needs.


Flexible product options to customise your cover

Car hire is included at no additional cost

SmartService takes the hassle out of claiming

No excess on theft, hijacking, hail, storm or fire

Roadside assistance benefits



Advanced telematics measure your Driver Quotient

 Fuel rewards on your monthly fuel spend.

State-of-the-art vehicle and passenger safety features


Excess Funder Account

Produce your Vitalitydrive card to get 10% off all purchases at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.


FastTrack Claims

Young Adult Plan: Young Adult Rewards Fund gives you up to 25% of your car insurance premium back.


HomeProtector: security and emergency accommodation

No excess for claims out of your control for household and personal items

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Comprehensive car insurance

Discovery Insure gives you comprehensive motor cover with seamless access to benefits and services


Flexible product options to customise your cover

Comprehensive motor insurance

Motor vehicles weighing less than 3 500kg, motorcycles, trailers, quad bikes and caravans may be insured under a Discovery Insure plan. At least one of the vehicles covered under a Discovery Insure plan must be covered under the Comprehensive plan.

Any additional vehicles insured may be covered on the Comprehensive Plan, Third Party, Fire and Theft Plan or the Third Party Plan.

Household and personal cover

Household contents or personal belongings can be insured on a comprehensive plan without insuring a vehicle.

In addition to motor cover, tailor your cover for household and personal possessions with the following key features:

  • Following an insured event, you have home security services for up to two nights following a burglary, and emergency accommodation for up to R3 000 throughHomeProtector.
  • The plan excess will not apply to your household contents and buildings if the claimed event is due to burglary, fire, lightning, flood, storm or hail damage.
  • Discovery Insure will not apply the principle of averaging claims if you have used the Discovery Insure Inventory Option for your household.
  • Premiums are based on expected loss, not the full value of your personal possessions for all risks cover.
  • You get help with emergency household repairs; including electrical services, emergency plumbing repairs and emergency locksmith services through HomeAssist. Cover is for a maximum of three incidents for each household, which includes a call-out fee and one hour's labour.


Car hire is included at no extra cost

In the event of an accident, car hire (through Avis) is included at no extra cost on your Discovery Insure plan.

SmartClaims helps you when you need it most by facilitating your car hire and vehicle towing.


If you're in a minor accident and can still drive your car:

  1. You can use our smartphone application to send us a picture of your vehicle.
  2. Then call us and we'll tell you which Avis branch to take your car to.
  3. We will ensure that your vehicle is completely restored at one of our approved repair centres.
  4. We will pay for an Avis courtesy car for up to 30 days while your vehicle is being repaired or while your vehicle has not been recovered after a theft or hijacking and we are finalising your claims. You will however need to pay a security deposit.
  5. Once your repairs are complete, you can collect your car at Avis and have your deposit refunded if you have filled your tank.

If you're in an accident where your car needs towing:

  1. If you're able to notify us of your accident, you can call us or use the panic button on your smartphone.
  2. We'll arrange for Avis to fetch you. They will take you to the closest Avis branch, or to your home or office.
  3. We will pay for an Avis courtesy car for up to a maximum of 30 days while your vehicle is being repaired or while your vehicle has not been recovered after a theft or hijacking and we are finalising your claims. You will however need to leave a security deposit.
  4. We will ensure that your damaged car is safely towed to one of our approved repair centres.
  5. Once your repairs are complete, you can collect your car at Avis and have your deposit refunded if you have filled your tank.

SmartService takes the hassle out of claiming

Our smartphone application makes it easy to claim and provides immediate access to emergency support.

The Discovery Insure smartphone application enables you to take a photograph of the damage to your vehicle following an accident and send it directly to us - this is all we need to start the claims process.

You can use the panic button on your smartphone to let us know if you are in a serious accident. After calling you to assess the severity, we will send the appropriate emergency assistance.



No excess on theft, hijacking, hail, storm or fire

We do not apply the plan excess for damage caused by theft, hijacking, hail, storm or fire.


Roadside assistance benefits

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you'll get the help you need in an emergency. Call us on 0860 751 751 (this phone number is on your car sticker) for emergency help. This benefit is included in your Discovery Insure plan at no extra cost.



Based on the telematics data gathered through DQ-Track, our experience shows that clients are nine times more likely to have an accident while driving late at night, than during other times of the day. The NightDriver benefit has been designed to provide access for all Discovery Insure clients with Vitalitydrive to a network of accredited home drive services.

You can subscribe to RoadTrip or SmartGuyz and receive a discounted monthly subscription fee based on your Vitalitydrive status.

If you do not take out a subscription, you can still contact SmartGuyz for assistance.

Depending on the package you choose you’ll get a number of free kilometres to use for the month. If you exceed the free kilometres you’ll be charged at the end of the month. SmartGuyz will offer an ad hoc service to Vitalitydrive members for a flat fee of R100 for 10km trips. You’ll have to pay the usual rate for a trip over 10km. This will be a cash service only.

In both options you and your car will be fetched at your location and driven safely to your home.

Details on the packages provided by RoadTrip and SmartGuyz can be found at: or by calling 087 943 8671 or by calling 0861 762 786



Rewards for driving well

Discovery Insure’s incentive based programme that rewards you for driving well..


Excess Funder Account

Get up to 10% of your car insurance premiums paid into your Excess Funder Account each month. You can use it to fund the excess on your motor claims orwithdraw up to 50% of the Excess Funder Account balance after three years. Fuel rewards can also be doubled and added to your Excess Funder Account with the Excess Funder Account Booster.


Advanced telematics measure your Driver Quotient

You earn Driver Quotient (DQ) Points by improving your driving and vehicle safety.

DQ-Track - a telematics and tracking device - measures driving behaviour in real time. Each month, you can earn Driver Quotient (DQ) Points based on your driving behaviour.

In creating our profile of a driver, we consider factors such as harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, all of which increase the risk of loss of control of a vehicle. You can also use the interactive online tool, DQ Mapper, to see your past trip information and driver records.

In addition to driver behaviour points, you can earn up to 500 DQ Points a month by taking steps to improve your driving knowledge, awareness and vehicle safety.

Vitalitydrive has the full list of points earning activities.


Fuel rewards on your monthly fuel spend

Fuel rewards that may be used to fund your plan excess.

Get up to 50% in BP fuel rewards

You can earn fuel rewards from the first day you join Discovery Insure when you activate Vitalitydrive.

Your rewards are determined as follows:


*Fuel rewards are based on the number of DQ Points you earn each month.

To get maximum fuel rewards you need to:

  1. Insure your car and household contents for more than R250 000 with us.
  2. Pass the Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check.
  3. Earn DQ Points.
  4. Fill up at BP and swipe your Vitalitydrive card.

Remember: you can choose to have your fuel rewards doubled - up to 100% - and paid into your Excess Funder Account with the Excess Funder Booster.


State-of-the-art vehicle and passenger safety features

By activating Vitalitydrive and DQ-Track, you have access to several features and tools to improve your vehicle and passenger safety.

Stolen vehicle recovery included at no extra cost

DQ-Track is also a stolen vehicle tracking and recovery device. Vitalitydrive members who install DQ-Track have access to nationwide stolen vehicle tracking and recovery at no extra cost.

Vehicle safety features through VehicleProtector

The VehicleProtector reduces the risk of vehicle theft by providing immediate alerts and notification if your car battery or DQ-Track is tampered with or if your vehicle is moved without going through the normal ignition procedure.

You also have these safety features at no extra cost:

  • You get accurate travel directions within the borders of South Africa through Direction Assist. You’ll get the directions by telephone, fax or email
  • You get regular contact throughout your journey through a 24-hour helpline, Trip Monitor, ensuring your safe arrival at your destination


ImpactAlert keeps you and your family safe on the road by providing medical assistance when you need it.

ImpactAlert gives you the following benefits:

  • Medical assistance after an event where your DQ-Track detects severe G-forces, suggesting a possible impact
  • Dispatch of medical assistance under certain conditions
  • Discovery Health Medical Scheme members will have their unique medical information sent to the scene of the accident to assist medical staff in providing you with appropriate care and treatment.

How does ImpactAlert work?

  • When your DQ-Track detects a severe G-force, it immediately sends us a notification. We monitor your vehicle to determine if it’s stationary or you continue driving normally. If your vehicle stops, we will try to call you on your cellphone. If we can’t reach you, we will send assistance to the accident scene. If you are a Discovery Health member your medical details will be sent to the emergency medical response unit to ensure that you receive appropriate care.
  • ImpactAlert will work provided that your DQ-Track is functioning and in an area with cellular network coverage. This benefit is available at no additional cost when you install a DQ-Track.

Get up to 10 % off on all purchases at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.


Save up to 10% at Tiger Wheel & Tyre when you spend a maximum of R5000 per transaction and up to R10 000 per month.



Personal and household insurance

Choose extra vehicle, personal and household insurance depending on your needs


Discovery Insure FastTrack Claims

As part of our SmartClaims, Discovery Insure's FastTrack Claims benefit promises that approved claims for all specified electronic portable possessions that have been lost or stolen, will be replaced within 24 hours in Johannesburg or 48 hours in other metropolitan areas - initially in Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town. If the specified portable possessions item that needs to be replaced is unavailable we will reimburse you in cash, and the funds will reflect in your premium paying bank account within 48 hours - depending on your bank.

If we fail to deliver on our promise, we will waive the excess on your claim.

Terms and Conditions apply.


Young Adult Plan

Get up to 25% of your car insurance premium back each month with Young Adult Plan.

The Young Adult Plan is available to all primary drivers younger than 25 years.

Features of the Young Adult Plan include:

  • Get up to 25% of your car insurance premium paid into your Rewards Fund every month.
  • Regular driver feedback to help you become an even better driver.
  • Every six-months your Rewards Fund will be paid into your Rewards Card.
  • Your Rewards Card is a Visa debit card, that can be used for purchases at stores that accept Visa Card.

How the Rewards Fund works

25% of your car insurance premium paid into your Rewards Fund every month. Your Rewards Fund will increase and decrease each month based on your Vitalitydrive status at the end of that month as follows:

We'll also deduct R10 for every kilometre you drive between 23:00 and 04:30. By using NightDriver during these times, no nighttime driving kilometres will be deducted from your Rewards Fund.



As a member of Vitalitydrive, you can purchase a panic button at a once of cost. When this button is pressed, we will immediately send out security services to your vehicle location

You can access BusinessSupport which enables you to mark your business trips and produce a report for SARS purposes

In addition to standard viewing features, satellite images can also be viewed on DQ Mapper

Call 0860 751 751 now to activate this package of services.

This benefit is provided at an additional monthly cost per car.

Who is it for?

FamilyProtector is for any Vitalitydrive client who wants to ensure their family is safe on the road at all times. It’s ideal for those who travel a lot or who are away from their families for long periods of time.

Why is it important?

No matter how many precautions you take, you can’t be with your family at all times. FamilyProtector gives you peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your family’s safety on the road, no matter where you are. FamilyProtector is managed by the DQ Mapper, so as long as you have online access you can keep an eye on your loved ones.

Features like Panic Assistance also help you make sure that your family will get the assistance they need and always feel safe even if you’re unavailable.


HomeProtector: Security and emergency accommodation

A burglary can be a traumatic experience. To help give you and your loved ones peace of mind, we offer home security services for up to two nights after a burglary and emergency accommodation up to R3000.


No excess for claims beyond your control for household content and personal possessions items

You won't have to pay excess on claims caused by burglary, fire, lightning, hail, storm or flood damage.