Features of some of the online tools you will enjoy

Health Professional

The Health Professional Zone offers you real benefits in the day-to-day management of your practice.
These benefits include:

  • Reduced calls to the call centre as information about certain queries is available on the website
  • Access to old and new statements in one of many formats directly from the website
  • Access to the Discovery Health Rate
To enjoy full access to the healthcare professional information online, you have to register.

Discovery Health working with Dental Risk Company from 1 August 2010

Discovery Health is working with Dental Risk Company (DRC) in the management of the KeyCare Plus Plan’s dental benefit.

Same benefits and Discovery Health still provides services related to your claims

Discovery Health has not changed the dental benefit, formulary or cover the KeyCare Plus Plan, available on all medical schemes we administer, offers. Practices do not need to change the way you submit claims. Discovery Health will process and pay claims, and will still provide support to practices with questions.

The dental network agreement Discovery Health had with certain healthcare professionals directly has, however, ended on 31 July 2010. 

DRC will manage the network of healthcare professionals and benefit use

In this partnership with DRC, they will manage the dental benefit use and the network of dentists our members with KeyCare Plus Plans must use. DRC will engage with healthcare professionals about the network and expand its reach by inviting more healthcare professionals to take part.

Make sure we have your latest information

If you are a new healthcare professional, or if your details have changed, it is important that you let us know. We need this information so that we can administer your details and process your claims. If we don’t have your information or your correct banking details, we pay your claims to the member.

If you are a newly registered healthcare practitioner, please complete this form

If you have already registered with Discovery health and want to have web access, please complete this form

Online Tools

Once you have registered as a healthcare professional on the site, you will have access to the following:

Member Validation - enables you to capture a membership number and dependant details to see if the membership is active or suspended and other basic plan information.

Benefit Confirmation - enables you to send a “virtual” claim with procedure codes or NAPPI codes and an amount. This will enable you to see how much Discovery Health will pay based on the member’s plan details.

Claims Search - you can track the status of your claims to see if we have received and processed them or if they are duplicate claims. You will also be able to see all claims sent for a certain member.

Statements - you can view, download or email an interim or recent claims statement directly from this website.

Your News and Updates - you will keep up to date about upcoming events, workshops and get important, relevant information about Discovery.